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China ¨C a big Manufacturing country, but not a great power of manufacturing. Moreover, the following issues have posed a significant change and challenge to manufacturing enterprises currently:
1¡¢Continuous demand on customization
2¡¢Extra expectations on product
3¡¢Shorter and shorter product life cycle
4¡¢Internationalization of Product Standard
5¡¢Serious labor fluctuation
How to improve the leadership management skill in manufacturing industry?
How to face to the above changes?
There is nothing to do but accelerate the development of talent! Of course, the
development of front-line supervisors takes a great place. Front-line supervisors are those who realize company target and strategy, whose quality and leadership skills play a significant role in the performance of company operating.

Front-line supervisors try to enhance an authority image in front of their subordinates by presenting their know-how, however, they hold that training and motivation of subordinates should be part of HR£¬because most of them are promoted from technique positions. Since there is few systematic training on team-management and modern production management provided to most of front-line supervisors, they always feel that they own less resources and their subordinates lack initiative. Moreover, the complicated work site and endless emerging management problems make our front-line supervisors feel even worse.

So, all manufacturing enterprises are expecting a systematic and practical training system to develop their front-line supervisors rapidly.

In the past 12 years, we have presented a series of trainings to more than 1000 enterprises and over 30,000 employees.

Bestway Corporate Management Consulting Company Limited devotes to be the best partner of learning and development of your company. By facilitating this series of trainings for front-line supervisors, we hope we can help enterprises continuously develop excellent front-line supervisors, which will be the solid foundation and preparation for the development of management skill and talent pool in manufacturing industry.

Regarding the position, this course aims at those who take the position as a leader in a workshop, their titles may called line leader¡¢shift leader¡¢foreman¡¢supervisor¡¢leader-on-duty, etc.. So hereafter, we call them ¡°Front-line supervisor¡±.
This training course consists of all essential qualifications on the following three aspects:
Competency focused
Course Design
This course is specially designed based on the classical management methods and tools of eastern and western culture, combined with practical experience in customers we served. Starting from management targets: ego¡¢employee¡¢workshop, going through 9 subjects systematic trainings, this training course cultivates front-line supervisors on the following aspect of professional quality, leadership management, lean on-site, which improves competency of front-line supervisor systematically.
Effectiveness oriented
Training Process

To ensure the transformation of training effectiveness, continuously optimize training service, we, before the training, prepare training demand survey and plan to understand and identify the training demand of our enterprise customers and students; in the training, trainer use easy-to-understand training style to encourage students fully involved; after the training, we provide follow-up service assessment to enhance students¡¯ absorption of training content.

Practice targeted
Training Style

When we implement training, whether by presentation¡¢group-discussion or case-study¡¢role play, we will focus on the practice of front-line supervisor, so that students can understand and master the training content£¬improve skill and job performance by experience the content.

Key Points
£¨ day £©
Professional Quality
The Responsibility & Role of Line Supervisor
•  Career Development Path for Front-line supervisor
•  Puzzles that Front-line Supervisor face
•  Management System for Front-line Supervisor
•  Profession Criterion for Front-line Supervisor
•  Profession Criterion: Appearance, Behavior and internal self-cognizance
•  Behavior Criterion for Front-line Supervisor
Leadership Management
Leadership of Line Supervisor: Situation,
Method & Skill
•  Theory of Leadership
•  Individual Influence of a Leader
•  Team Management
•  Theory and Method of Situational Leadership
•  Case-study of Situational Leadership Implementation
Training & Job Instruction
•  Best time for On-Job-Training
•  Training Plan
•  Job Breakdown
•  Four Instruction Phases
•  Practice and Application of Case-study
•  Practice and Application of Instruction Skill
Employees Motivation
•  Principle of Motivation
•  Why Employees feel demoralized
•  Theory of Motivation
•  Motivation Method and Application
•  20 Noncash Motivation methods
•  Establishment of Front-line Appraisal
Trust-based Communication
•  Interpersonal Communication
•  Management Communication
•  Communication With Subordinates
•  Communication With Boss
•  Conflict Management
Lean On-site
Lean Production &
Lean On-site
•  Lean Production Introduction
•  Lean Tools
•  Seven Wastes
•  Lean Implementation On-site
On-site Problem Analysis &
•  Basic Structure of Production Flow
•  Application of Problem Solving Tools
•  Definition of PDCA and Improvements
•  8 Steps of Problem Solving
5S & Visual Management
•  5S
•  Tools to Carry Out 5S
Gemba Kaizen Practise
•  Concept of On-site and Kaizen
•  Process Flow Analysis and Kaizen
•  TPM
•  Quick Change Over
•  Concept and Application of Error Proofing
•  Kaizen Practice
A program of 1 year, 12 days systematic training course fits to our company very well, interactive and far reaching. I benefited a lot from trainer¡¯s instruction and assessment after the training. Now I know deeply about my employees.

----Xuzhou Rothe Erde

I had not believe how successful the training was, I realized that trainings for Front-line supervisors could be conducted by such easy-understood way. A lot of cases were from our own workshop, I learned a lot. Additionally, the course is designed in a very systematic way, which makes me know myself a lot. This is such an instructive training.


This training helped us with a proper all round system for talent development.

--SAIC Motor Corporation

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